Courage Vol. 01 —
Institut Français de la Mode x Courrèges

Art direction & Editorial design

Brand magazine for Courrèges

Workshop project as part of the Fashion Image Master Degree at Institut Français de la Mode in Paris.

Mentor: Fabrice Paineau (Double Magazine)


Art Direction: Igliona Duveau, Julia Tordjman, Tessa Rose-Vardy, Laure de Richemont
Graphic design & layout: Igliona Duveau, Laure de Richemont
Photographers: Antoine Bedos, Igliona Duveau, Tessa Rose-Vardy
Talents: Prune Pauchet, Esther Smet, Gabriel Foulin
Founded by Andrée Courrèges in 1961, Courrèges is an emblematic French House which revolutionized the Fashion scene with its futuristic and functional aesthetics. The brief of this project was to imagine an editorial object for the brand. Still today, Courrèges has a strong sense of optimism and connection gathering an empowering youth community. Our take was to focus on today’s generations in line with the brand vision. What characterizes today’s « bold, brave youth »? To answer this question, we created a printed ‘movie’ editorial object and collectible item related to the times we are living through a cinematic storytelling. ‘Courage Volume 01’ witnesses the bravery of the 2021 youth with a nod to the French New Wave in which the brand evolved, using the cinema as a tool for documenting an era. Regarding the magazine visual identity, the high usage of white space and bold color pages emphasized the radical side of Courrèges brand image. The story of Volume 01 is set in Paris in 2021; time is the ultimate dividing tool between 6 different chapters displaying 6 different stories all named after verbs or actions that demand courage. The 25 cm by 33.5 cm magazine plays with the visual codes of the script book and film credits staging. The use of "Karrik" (designed by Jean-Baptiste Morizot) or "Ionic" typefaces remind film credits and typewriter style typography used in scripts. By telling a universal story of courage, we wanted this editorial object to be part of today’s Courrèges bold vision.​​​​​​​