Bel Ennui Magazine Issue.01 — Institut Catholique de Paris

Art direction & Editorial design

Art direction & design for the the bi-monthly student magazine 'Bel Ennui' Issue 01.

Workshop project as part of the Communication bachelor Degree at Institut Catholique in Paris.


Editor-in-Chief: Elvire Alix
Art Direction & Graphic design: Laure de Richemont
Press and Communication Manager: Julie Houriez
Advertising Management: Clémence Desplaces
In a hyper-connected society constantly shrugging off time, boredom seems to have no place. Paradoxically, it is everywhere and too often linked to laziness. Bel Ennui is an opportunity to get a new amusing and constructive look at boredom. Printed in A4 format - recycled paper, Bel ennui uses key words such as discovery, motivation, friendliness, desire for daily life change. Our magazine draws its inspiration from Rubik's Cube – the first ‘kills boredom’ - and is divided into 6 ‘nice’ sections. The aim of this print media is to encourage our readers to escape while staying at home listening to a sound story or a podcast. The visual identity and editorial that I designed are intended to fit into a literary and playful atmosphere. The logo's inverted E corresponds to the very essence of our magazine: turning boredom upside down and giving it a new image.